Offshore Staff Myths

Myth: “Offshoring is easy”  
Recruiting, employing, managing, and retaining an engaged and productive extended or offshore workforce is not an easy task. At Diversify ISS we have a proven track-record in delivering smart and effective staffing solutions that work and last. Don’t believe us? 

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Myth: “Offshoring is quick”  
As with anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right by taking the necessary time to analyse, plan and execute the correct solution. At Diversify ISS, we seek to find out what a business needs and the options that it can open through the implementation of an extended or offshore workforce solution.

Consider a custom-solution for your business

Myth: “Offshoring will cut business staffing costs”  
This is true provided that the offshore staffing solution is right for your business and that the strategic implementation process is tailored to your business needs. Otherwise, you could find yourself throwing money down the drain. At Diversify ISS, we work with you to ensure your investment in an offshore workforce prospers.  

Review the process that supports you and your investment


What do we do differently?

At Diversify ISS we work with business to:

Assist them in understanding potential benefits of an offshore or extended workforce and develop a strategy to realise them.

Implement that strategy through both recruitment and engagement of employees working offshore in the Philippines, as well as provide assistance with the change management and staff engagement issues for local staff.
Monitor, review and improve the offshore workforce strategy on an ongoing basis.